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Welcome to AHSA! We are a Christian homeschool sports organization providing opportunities for homeschool students to participate in competitive athletics at the middle and high school levels in the Albuquerque area. We strive to teach and train homeschool students how to use their God given talents to compete with intensity (I Corinthians 9:25a), integrity (Proverbs 11:3), and for the glory of God (Colossians 3:17)



MS Girls Volleyball  $160 due on July 15th
MS Co-Ed Tennis  $75 ***registration open until Aug 15th
MS/HS Co-Ed Cross Country  $60 ***registration open until Aug 15th
HS Co-Ed Soccer  $100 due on July 15th
HS Boys Flag Football  $80 due on July 15th

MS Girls Basketball   $180 due on August 15th
MS Boys Basketball   $195 due on September 15th
HS Girls Basketball    $230 due on September 15th
HS Boys Basketball    $230 due on September 15th

HS Girls Volleyball  $175 due on December 15th
HS Boys Volleyball  $160 due on December 15th
MS Co-Ed Soccer  $85 due on January 15th
HS Co-Ed Tennis  $80 due on February 15th
MS/HS Co-Ed Track & Field  $70 due on February 15th

Field Status

  • Netherwood Park Church of Christ Updated:08.12.2016 03:18PM
  • Grace Church Updated:08.12.2016 03:18PM
  • The Rock at NoonDay Updated:08.12.2016 03:18PM
  • USS Bullhead Park Updated:08.12.2016 03:18PM
  • Montgomery Park Updated:08.12.2016 03:18PM
  • RFK Charter School Updated:08.12.2016 03:18PM
  • Elite Sports Academy Updated:08.12.2016 03:18PM
  • JCC Updated:08.12.2016 03:18PM

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